Our Story Accademia dei Ragazzi is one of the best Italian schools for children and youth in Toronto. We stand out for our Language Programs that reflect the curriculum taught in Italy, the adoption of the best teaching practices offered in the Ontario school system and the use of modern technological tools. Our students (age 4 to 16) take our courses to improve their oral linguistic-communicative skills (listening and speaking), their reading and writing skills, as well to learn about the historical and artistic beauties of Italy.

The Teachers

Our teachers are Italian native speakers, with cultural education acquired in Italy. When we build our teaching staff, preference is given to qualified professionals, or certified teachers in Italy or in Ontario. Our educators have indeed different pedagogical backgrounds, which allows us to build strong Italian language programs. We are able to share an in-depth knowledge of the Italian culture with our students, adopting the best teaching practices used in the Ontario school system. This way, children can learn in a familiar learning environment, mastering their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in Italian. We help students of any language proficiency level learn Italian by offering beginner, intermediate and advanced courses.

Accademia dei Ragazzi builds a positive, inclusive, nurturing and safe learning environment where children and youth can have fun and use their creativity to learn the Italian language and culture. We want our students to experience our classes with joy and excitement. Our teachers believe in the power of socialization, exploration and inquiry as tools to master a new language. For children who are fluent in Italian or have an Italian background, this dynamic and stimulating approach encourages them to love their linguistic and cultural roots. For pupils who are approaching an Italian course for the first time, we give them the tools to have great appreciation for our language in culture. We help all students improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Italian. In addition, we focus on a specific topic such as Italian history, geography, literature, theatre, art, cinema, music and food.

Our lessons entail conversation, reading, Italian grammar and a focus on specific topics (Italian history, geography, literature, theatre, art, cinema, music or food) based on students age and language proficiency. Our Language Programs reflect the curriculum taught in Italy. We take advantage of modern technological tools to help children discover the historical and artistic beauties of Italy using an inquiry-based approach. Our educators embrace teaching practices that are tailored to native speakers (Italian as a first language) or to children who learn Italian as a second language. We use teaching resources that help all our students be successful such as leveled books, grammar books and textbooks specifically designed for pupils based on their age and language proficiency in Italian.

Meet our Teachers

Luca Marchetti

Luca graduated in Turin in Law but after a few months, he moved to Toronto, where for several years he held various commercial activities, particularly in the export of telecommunications technologies.

In 2000, he returned to Italy to work in large multinational companies, such as FIAT, Telefonica and British Telecom. But Canada's appeal made itself felt so that, in 2007, he re-established himself in Toronto, the city where he began his new career as an Italian language teacher, working for the Centro Scuola e Cultura Italiana, the Italian Cultural Institute, the TDSB-Continuing Studies and the Lycée Francais de Toronto. In 2011, he graduated in Pedagogy at the U.O.I.T university and obtained the O.C.T. qualification to teach nursery and primary school programs.

At the same time, he obtained certification as a French teacher. In 2011, he started his own educational project to teach the Italian language to children from 2 to 14 years, a project from which the Accademia dei Ragazzi was born.

Daniela Sanzone

Daniela is a journalist with a strong passion for teaching and for the Italian language and culture. From La Sapienza University in Rome, she holds a Degree in Literature and Philosophy (with specializations in Cinema History and Critique as well as Teaching) and Masters in Communication Studies and Cultural Anthropology; and currently, she is TAing in the Departments of Communication Studies and Social Science at York University in Toronto.

Before embracing her PhD project on multicultural policies for ethnic broadcasting media in Canada, Daniela had been working as a professional journalist and a film critic. She worked for television and radio, print and online media, including RAI, the Italian national public television; ANSA, the most established Italian newswire; and the daily newspaper Il Manifesto. In Toronto, she has been a News Anchor, On-Air Host, Producer and Reporter for the Italian News at Omni Television and a reporter for the newspaper Corriere Canadese. In 2016, she published her first novel, "The War According to Michele".