The Courses

Accademia dei Ragazzi offers engaging Language Programs for children and youth (age 4-16). We offer Saturday Programs, Semi-Private and Private Lessons, as well as a Family Package. All Saturday Programs are In Person or Hybrid, whereas Semi-Private and Private Lessons and the Family Package are offered online.

Spring courses will begin on Saturday, April 9, 2022 and conclude on Saturday, June 25, 2022. Online classes are available to everyone, however in person and hybrid classes may transition to online in accordance with local COVID-19 guidelines.

Saturday Course fees are $250 for younger children and $300 for older students. In person and hybrid classes consist of 10 classes. The length of a class is 1 and a half hours for younger students (for a total duration of 15 hours) and 2 hours for older pupils (for a total duration of 15 hours). Class start time may vary for different courses (the earliest start time is 9:00 AM).

Our programs are designed for Italian native speakers, for those approaching learning Italian for the first time, and for all those who want to improve their language profiencicy. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced courses. In addition to the traditional Saturday morning courses, Accademia dei Ragazzi offers private and semi-private lessons. Also, Accademia dei Ragazzi helps teenagers prepare for the CILS exam (Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language) from the University of Siena. "The CILS Certification is a recognized formal qualification that certifies the degree of competency in Italian as a second language (L2)."


Accademia dei Ragazzi is pleased to present to its students the Francescutti Scholarship of Excellence, valued up to $1,000. This scholarship is dedicated to children and teenagers who are distinguished in their studies at Accademia in 2022.

The Francescutti Scholarship of Excellence will be divided into three age groups:
1) Kindergarten - Elementary School (4-7 years): $250 value
2) Elementary School - Middle Schoool (8-11 years): $350 value
3) Middle School - High School (12-16 years): $400 value

Accademia dei Ragazzi would like to thank Carlo Francescutti and his company Halloween and Hobby for this fantastic collaboration.

Please see here for more information.

Course Locations

Saturday Programs are held at the Italian Cultural Institute (496 Huron St, Toronto) and 918 Bathurst Centre for Education (918 Bathurst St, Toronto) based on classroom availability.

Course Schedule

Session Time Location Start End
Spring Saturday 9:00 a.m. In Person or Hybrid Online/in-person April 9 2022 June 25 2022

Membership and Fees

Accademia dei Ragazzi is a not-for-profit organization and we ask families payment of $50 for an annual membership. This contribution helps Accademia guarantee discounts for larger families and carry out some social and cultural initiatives. Accademia offers maximum flexibility to families and allows them to pay membership fees any time during the school year. With a membership, families have full access to all our offers and events as well as opportunities to win awards and scholarships.

Fees for courses are between $200 and $300 per session.

We offer our members:
- Sibling Discount of 10% on courses
- Referral Discount of 12% on courses
- The chance to win the Francescutti Scholarship of Excellence
- The opportunity to win awards and prizes from Accademia
- The opportunity to participate in cultural and social events (in person or virtually) organized by Accademia

Registration Forms

Use the following forms to register for an upcoming class or an annual membership.