Who we are

Accademia dei Ragazzi is one of the best Italian schools for children and youth in Ontario. We stand out for our language programs that reflect the curriculum taught in Italy, the adoption of the best teaching practices offered in the Ontario school system and the use of modern technology. Our students, 4 to 18 years old take our courses to improve their oral linguistic- communicative skills (listening and speaking), their reading and writing skills, as well to learn about the historical and artistic beauties of Italy. Our educational offer is spread across different locations, which may have different timetables and courses. Our locations are 918 Bathurst Arts Centre, the Columbus Centre, Toronto Junction (20 Sousa Mendes St.), Ansley Grove Library in Vaughan (350 Ansley Grove Rd), and the Oshawa Italian Recreation Club (245 Simcoe St S, Oshawa).

We offer engaging Language Programs for children and youth (age 1-18). We have Saturday Programs, Semi-Private and Private Lessons, as well as a Family Package. Our courses are specifically designed for different age groups and language proficiency levels in Italian, from toddlers (age 1 to 3) to Gr. 12/13 students (age 17 to 18). In 2022, Accademia started a collaboration project with the Department of Italian Studies at the University of Toronto. This partnership entails a two-fold collaboration: a) some second- and third-year U. of T. students are asked to observe Accademia's classes and support our teachers with new and useful learning resources; and b) Accademia's students are asked to participate in a dedicated event at the U. of T. Department of Italian Studies where they can learn about Italian theatre, music, literature, and comics.

Lastly, Accademia dei Ragazzi is pleased to present scholarships dedicated to children and youth every school year; scholarships go to students who have distinguished themselves in their Italian studies at Accademia.

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Italian-English Bilingualism
Accademia dei Ragazzi promotes Italian culture and language among children and youth living in Canada.
Italian Cultural Heritage
We promote appreciation of Italian art, history and culture.
Language Proficiency
We offer courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.
L’Accademia dei Ragazzi prepares students for the C.I.L.S. certification (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera).

Fall Programs will run from Saturday, September 21 to Saturday, December 7, 2024 - unless specified otherwise in the course description.


In 2012, at the request of many friends, I started teaching Italian classes to their children out of my home. There was a need in the community to offer Italian language instruction to the children of Italian background who were living in bilingual homes but because they live in Canada, had no easy access to formal Italian education. I was able to fulfil this need because of my Italian academic background and my formal training as an educator in Ontario. Over time, more and more children came and the project outgrew the informal environment in which it had been born.


As one of the parents whose child was attending Luca's classes, I recognized that the classes were a great service not just to us and our group of friends, but to the Italian community in Toronto as a whole. The increasing burden of running the school was being borne solely by Luca and I thought that it would be a good idea to formalize the project as a not-for-profit organization. As parents and professionals of various backgrounds, we could pool our skills in order to continue the project and facilitate its growth.

What we aim to share with the community is not only the academic components of an Italian education but also the joy of the Italian lifestyle and the celebration of our culture.

MATTIA BELLO, Executive Director

As the new Executive Director of Accademia dei Ragazzi, my role is to make our school grow and help our teaching staff offer the best possible Italian courses in the GTA. I have worked in the Italian community for many years. It is my goal to increase student enrolment by offering our Italian courses to all students that have a passion for Italian language and culture, no matter their language proficiency. In addition, I will use my experience as a certified teacher in Ontario (OCT) to develop programs, share teaching practices and resources with our teaching staff.

Our Mission

The Accademia dei Ragazzi seeks to promote Italian language and culture among the new generations now living in Ontario. Through support for a robust bilingualism, Accademia seeks to enhance children’s cognitive skills, strengthen their relation with their family and culture of origin and complement the education they receive in Canada. Accademia fosters the development of language skills among children and youth, via offering courses and activities focused on Italian culture at large. Language, history, geography, literature, theatre, art, cinema, architecture, music and gastronomy are the cultural ingredients the Accademia wants to share, in a productive dialogue with Canadian multiculturalism.

Typical Course of Study We offer courses for students ages 1 to 18 with different proficiency levels in Italian.

Phase One: Conversations

Phase Two: Interactive Lectures

Phase Three: Expressive Writing

Phase Four: Cultural Discovery